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Almarine Speed Boats

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This is my own boat and it could be a very early one.

This a Spitfire with a UA single impeller jet unit. The badges on the side of the boat are still the original Triumph Spitfire badges that John Neate had to get permission from Triumph to use. The boat was thought to have been a 1973 boat, but now it is thought to have been even earlier than originally thought.

From information gathered from John Neate, the designer it is thought to have been one of his earliest boats and was more than likely built in Mitcham, Surrey, UK, before he moved to Diss, Norfolk so could be a circa 1971 boat. It bears all the styles of all the boats.

The Rotax 373 engine bears the serial number that proves that the engine was built in 1971.

The air intakes also look like a boat John demonstrated with a water skier behind. The jet boat eventually became the Meteor.